About us


The primary activity of Stil Gradnja Inženjering is building facilities for business and living purposes, obtaining locations, financing and surveillance.

This is how we do business

Stil Gradnja Inženjering LLC is a company with long tradition in construction of high quality facilities both for business and living purposes as well as distribution of italian decorative materials San Marco. For more info about San Marco products please visit our website www.sanmarcobgd.rs


Our highly experienced personnel dedicated towards this particular business are the vital factor recognized as our main competitive advantage. From year to year we strive to follow domestic and worldwide trends, so we could implement modern know-how in our own facilities. With the special a

wareness of all the clients’ needs and requirements, we can proudly say that we build with style and devotion.


During the years, we have set some business goals and we enjoy achieving them again and again:

  • Constant business improvement
  • Continuous tradition that satisfies customers' needs
  • Motivation of employees, so they can perform their best
  • Paying attention to every particular detail from the ground to the sky
  • Implementation of the European / international know-how to our facilities