Our business development

The art of evolution

Stil Gradnja Inženjering l.t.d. is a family business established in 2001. Even so, it was present on Serbian market ever since 1991. when it was craft-construction action “Stil Gradnja”. Along with the market demands, we have expanded company’s activity to trading with construction materials. Those are primarily materials for thermal protection of buildings, such as Styrodur, Styrofoam, glass wool, stone wool and related installation materials. “Stil Gradnja” was the first who introduced extruded polystyrene (Styrodur CiNeopor) to Serbian and Montenegrin market in cooperation with BASF. Besides that, company proved itself as extremely successful dealing with the performance of thermal protection and facades. Thus, good reputation followed us on domestic and foreign market as well. Along with further development and expansion of our activities, company “Stil Gradnja Inženjering LLC” has been founded.

Trust-based cooperation

We percieve ourselves as successful as our colaboration with long-term partners and subcontractors. They are an inseparable link in Stil Gradnja Inženjering team. This way of doing business allows us to achieve the maximum quality of performed work and measure up to all requirements of our esteemed customers.

Our goal is to explore the development of the international market and implement them in our own, domestic market with help of confidential and respectable business partners. Mutual trust is our privilege.